Encounters Across Cultures 2019

Our inaugural Art Programme unfolding at our four Houses throughout 2019

Seeds of Life at The Temple House, Chengdu
7 November 2019 – 3 January 2020

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Katja Loher, video sculpture artist

Celebrating The House Collective’s connection to local and global cultures, we have invited visiting artist Katja Loher to collaborate with creative partners from Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu and Shanghai at each of our Houses.


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In collaboration with Gallery Weekend Beijing, Loher draws from her encounters with Beijing’s artists to create five ‘Element Videoplanets’ that float in the atrium of The Opposite House.


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In collaboration with Feng Shui designer Thierry Chow, Loher creates a journey through the Five Elements through the architecture of The Upper House, from entrance upward to its very top floor. Not only does Chow feature in the artwork itself, she also advised on the situation of each Element in the space in accordance with Feng Shui principles.


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In Shanghai, Katja draws from the city’s fashion-forward energy in a collaboration with new street fashion brand Dirty Pineapple. Experience the Five Elements in a journey through the different spaces of The Middle House, and discover the limited-edition streetwear collection created through this partnership.


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In Chengdu where the art of ink painting and tea are deeply present in modern life, locally based artists Wu Hao and Ma Yong worked with Katja to bring a different sensibility to the installation. Katja’s video art features the two Masters at work: while Wu Hao paints symbols and creatures representing each of the Chinese Elements, Ma Yong leads a tea ceremony that brings all five Elements together.


Portfolio- The Theory Of Everything

Through a year-long collaboration with hotels under The House Collective group, Swiss artist Katja Loher demonstrates the interconnectedness of philosophy, sustainability, vision and craft.

SCMP- A Bumper Summer Harvest in store

Using pixels instead of paint and walls instead of a canvas, multidisciplinary artist Katja Loher has created a visual feast for art-lovers and hotel guests at The Upper House in Hong Kong.

Discovery- The House Collective Debuts Its First Art Programme

‘The elements are the base for many different factors of our culture and the environment that surrounds us – they are the seeds of life.’ says Loher.

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